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I wasn’t sure of what to expect when I first came to see Vanya for a reading session. Sure, I had been to a few mediumship sessions before, where the medium in question would connect with the spirits of loved ones and relay messages, so I knew the general idea of what to expect in such a reading, but I had no knowledge, contact or reference for Vanya before I arranged to meet her for the first time.


Finding someone off the internet, you never know what you are going to end up with, so whilst I was hopeful as I made my way to her home on that chilly October morning, I was also silently telling myself to not get those same hopes too high up – I couldn’t be sure after all and, as it turned out to be, I was in for quite a surprise!


As I made my way up the stairs, I remember thinking ‘please be right, please let this encounter be a good thing for me, please let Vanya be the right person to provide me with the guidance that I am looking for’. You see, the thing is that even though I was meeting her at that moment for the very first time, and even though I am anything but the outgoing, sociable type, I felt as though we were old friends and I was immediately at ease with her warm, reassuring and calming presence. Vanya is incredibly gifted with a very strong energy, and I picked up on that as soon as I approached her at the door to shake hands.


Once we had settled inside her warm kitchen, I could almost forget that it was autumn weather outside and instead thought for a moment that we had been transported to the tropical climate of my native Brazil. Vanya offered me one of the nicest cups of green tea I’ve ever had to this day and in that moment, I began to let go of all the insecurities and anxieties that I had been carrying with me leading up to that moment.


I’ve always believed that we can ‘tune in’ to a person’s character and determine for ourselves whether they’re inherently good and trustworthy or not, and this was very much the impression I had of Vanya from the get go, and if I am perhaps repetitively highlighting this moment of connection and of building trust, it is only because it would be so fundamental and critically necessary for the work that was to follow. In this sense, I believe a successful reading session requires enormous levels of trust in order for things to work and the energy to flow freely. And so, once we were both settled into our armchairs facing each other, our work together truly began.


I may have given the reader the impression that Vanya had not given me any messages up to this point, but that would be inaccurate. In fact, even before my first appointment had begun, when we were on the phone setting it up a few days prior, Vanya had already shown her immense gift to me by telling me that my deceased son was asking after his sister and that there was something around her age with the number three – she was, as a matter of fact, in her third month of life at that point. You see, prior to that phone call, I had written a brief message to Vanya saying that my son had recently passed, but I had not, at any moment, shared the fact that I had recently given birth to a daughter as well, much less how old she was at the time.


So, getting back to that moment when we were finally sitting in her kitchen and truly deeply looking at each other for the first time, I was keen to hear what she would say to me, what further contact or messages from my son she would be able to relay to me, for I already believed in her remarkable abilities by that point, and I was not even yet aware of just quite remarkable they would turn out to be…


What happened next is something that I can only believe in because I was actually there, in her kitchen, sat in her armchair and listening first-hand to all the things she would then tell me, because I confess that having previously been very much a sceptic for most of my life, I’d have had a hard time believing someone’s account of what followed in that encounter.   


When you find someone off the internet, you can never be quite sure of what you’re getting in until it might be too late, a fact which is unfortunately true and applicable to everything, from plumbing to mediumship services. I had been afraid that, should I have come across a quack, the person would elate me with very vague and non-committal messages that, much like reading one’s horoscope in a magazine, would be imprecise enough such that pretty much anyone can find something in it that applies to oneself and thus feel a sense of relation to or identification with what is being said. Equally, the vaguer one’s statements are, the less likely it is for that person to be caught out in stating something that is factually incorrect, or that simply just does not apply to you. I was very aware of this when I first arranged to see Vanya, especially as the pain of my grief for my dead son was still very much throbbing at the heart of me, and I knew that, for anyone of ill character, I could be seen as an easy target.


As such, unlike any usual mediumship reading session where one might be tempted to be asking lots of questions to the reader and, unawares, end up giving away a lot of information about oneself, I just sat quietly but with, undoubtably, an open and hopeful heart, to see what would come of that meeting - what would Vanya be able to tell me? I am very glad I had this questioning approach, because I can now safely say with the deepest of certainties that not only is Vanya ‘the real deal’ as people would say, she is actually probably one of the most gifted and enlightened mediums there are today in this world. It was an incredible gift from fate that I was able to make her acquaintance and one which I’ll forever be grateful for.


As soon as we had started, Vanya immediately knew everything about my son, from how he used to cuddle and kiss to the varying subtleties of his sense of humour. It was as though she had known him his entire life and had lived together with him extensively. Not only was her knowledge very broad and wide-ranging, it was also remarkably in-depth in its accuracy and level of detail. For example, as far as the big picture of things goes, Vanya knew, and was able to tell me that there had been nothing that I or anyone else could have done to intervene and change the course of events that led to my son’s accidental death. And in another example, to a much more detailed level, she also knew that my husband and I used different pillows in our bed to sleep with, that mine was the more traditional style, whilst his was shaped in one of those orthopaedic wave forms.


She knew that I had been thinking of buying a new colour of lipstick, something that I had not even commented with my husband yet, and certainly not something she could have learned from googling me on social media or anything of the sort. She also knew that I used to wear lots of skirts and dresses until my daughter was born, but that of late I had changed styles and had been opting for trousers instead. She knew, and was able to describe in great precision, what my favourite type of high heels was or that I was not a very qualified swimmer, being able to even imitate exactly the type of strokes I perform in a swimming pool and which have earned me the nickname from my husband of a doggy swimmer. And yet, she also knew how important it was for me to be near water and immerse myself in it, and how, on an energetic level, that was crucial for me to be able to cleanse and reenergise, which she then advised me to build a habit of doing.


Vanya knew that I had always enjoyed writing, and had a knack for it, and yet that it had been something I had not engaged enough with in my life so far, and certainly not as much as I’d have liked to. She also knew that our flat was arranged in such and such a way, with these many rooms and a particular style of balcony that required a specific movement of the body to get into – something definitely impossible to guess. She was also able to convey so many messages from my son, it felt as though he had never passed away and was instead just there in the room chatting with me, right in front of me, which, of course, in many ways he was.


As I mentioned earlier, at the beginning of our session I had refrained from asking lots of questions to Vanya out of fear and apprehension over the fact that we had just met off the internet. Later on, once we were well into the session and it had become clear to me that Vanya was incredibly gifted and that it had been the right decision to have trusted her with an open heart regardless of my initial doubts, I still refrained from asking her lots of questions, but now for a different reason. 


This was because it was such a precious gift to be able to feel so close to my son and communicate so freely and directly with him after so many months. It was a very emotional reunion, and as I knew it would not last – I would, of course, at some point need to say goodbye to Vanya and go back to my day – I was just very keen on enjoying that moment as much as I could, for however long it lasted. Not unlike when you finally meet up with someone you deeply love and have not encountered for a long time and the topic of conversation becomes irrelevant, because you are just so happy and grateful to be in each other’s presence again. This was the priceless gift that Vanya bestowed upon me during that session and I will never forget that feeling, no matter how old I may become, as this is a memory that I will always cherish and carry with me in the deepest confines of my heart.


When we moved on to my daughter, Vanya continued to display her remarkable prowess. She knew exactly that my daughter was, indeed, a girl, recently born, that – as aforementioned – she was in her third month of life, that even though she was born in August we had been expecting her due date in September, that she was a very special child in a spiritual sense and above all, the most important, a titbit of information that silently in my heart of a mother I had already guessed: that in the midst of our pain and grief for her brother’s loss, my daughter had been sent to us as a gift from God, the powers that be, or whatever you want to call the forces that drive the universe and govern our lives.


We then moved on to my husband, one would have expected that by this point I would have gotten somewhat used to Vanya’s remarkable capacity for detail. And yet again, she managed to astonish me. She knew that he enjoyed the scent – more than the taste of – vanilla, she knew what kind of tea he used to drink regularly in his childhood. She knew of previous traumatic experiences in his life just as well as she knew about the new business venture he was starting to focus on and of which only a handful of people within his own company are aware. She also understood very well the demanding nature of his job and foresaw the weight of the preparation and work that will go into bringing his new business to success. She also could tell that this will be the major achievement of his career, and we hope to lean on her invaluable advice as we move forward with this venture.


We then also moved to other people in my life, such as my parents. She knew exactly how many languages my father speaks and the international nature of his work, just as well as she knew about his explosive temperament and detailed traces of his character that one usually only comes to know after being in his acquaintance extensively. At one point, in one of the very few questions I asked Vanya on that day, I said simply that I wanted to ask her about my mum. Even though I said nothing further, Vanya knew exactly what had been going on in my mum’s private life in the last seven years and the toll those experiences had taken on her emotionally and energetically. She also had incredible insight into my mum’s personality, even though the two of them have never met.


There are heaps more of things that we discussed on that day, about my past, my personal life, my professional life and plans for the future, which would yield many more pages of this tale. However, I unfortunately feel that they are too intimate and delicate to be so openly and publicly shared.


When the time came for us to say our goodbyes, it is needless to say that I was sorry to go and surprised to see that over two hours had passed. Vanya had been so proficiently able to transport me to another world, and I had felt so safe travelling in her capable hands, that it was as if time had stood still. Crashing back into this earthly realm and returning to the rest of my to do list for that day certainly required a moment of pause.


When Vanya walked me to the door and we were ready to part from each other’s company, I knew deep in my heart that we had been meant to cross our paths and that meeting her and being able to reconnect with my son in that way had been – as I keep repeating - one of life’s most special gifts to me. I was also equally certain that this was not a goodbye, but rather, a ‘till soon’ because I was already looking forward to when I would be able to see her again and enjoy once more her incredibly powerful gifts. I also could not wait to see my husband and tell him all about my experience. With that thought in mind, I waved to my new, but who felt like a long-lost, friend.


On my way home, I marvelled at how wonderful life is, because truly, it is. I say so in spite of everything I have been through, and of the indescribable pain and loss that we all suffer. It is so very special that the flows of the universe should allow us to communicate so clearly and directly with those who have passed away. And so, it became even clearer to me that dying is not the end, it is not a loss, it is just the entrance to another state of being, one in which our loved ones are still very much surrounding us. I then thanked my lucky stars for enabling this encounter and making me come across Vanya’s name and contact details during that online search. I had never been luckier, because in those two hours together, Vanya had not simply given me the very precious and special gift of spending time with my son, she had also given me the priceless gift of Hope.


“I had a theta session with Madam Vanya yesterday and it was miraculous healing. I was able to fully relax and with Madam Vanya’s expert guidance, very important pictures came up from my childhood which in return helped me to face them and release them once and for all. I would definitely recommend this in case you have issues, triggers or blocks that you would like to work on. “

My Approach

Theta Healing

As a qualified instructor and healer Vanya has enjoyed further success with her clients. Already recognised as a healer in her own right, she's gone from strength to strength. A girl only 6 years old who had never spoken a word much to the sadness of her parents came with them to London to seek help from Vanya.  After one session with Vanya using her own technique and Theta Healing as well the young lady opened her eyes and immediately started talking in Russian and English.  An elderly lady is now able to raise her right arm which had become paralyzed after a stroke.

Television and Publicity

Vanya starred on the Channel One Russian TV Channel in December.  She was invited to Moscow to defend Baba Vanga's reputation as the most famous clairvoyant and healer from the Eastern world.  There had been some recent fake news in the Russian press questioning Vanga's power and predictions.  The Show lasted for over an hour with millions watching and Vanya was required to take some lie detector tests on air which she of course passed with flying colours.  Whilst walking in central Moscow in the snow Vanya was recognised as a celebrity which was unsurprising as she had already appeared on the Andrey Malakhov Show again asking questions about her time spent with Vanga.

In Odessa Vanya was crowned "Best of the Best Clairvoyant in the World" following her success in Kiev with the Bitra Extrasensov TV competition. 

Addictions etc..

Vanya has recently successfully treated individuals with an alcohol dependency.  This is amazing as statistics tell us that there is less than a 10% success rate nationally even after expensive stays in clinics and visits to AA.  One gentleman did lapse back to his drinking but thankfully is back on course again.  Her expertise is also used in helping drugs addicts and those trying to give up smoking.  Vanya has also devised a potion that prevents hair loss in ladies.

Black Magic and Individual Protection

Vanya has lost count of the number of people she has helped remove black magic since she started using her special gifts over 35 years ago in her native Bulgaria.  Now she is fluent in three languages including English and has clients throughout the world.

My Approach
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