My Approach

Theta Healing

As a qualified instructor and healer Vanya has enjoyed further success with her clients. Already recognised as a healer in her own right, she's gone from strength to strength. A girl only 6 years old who had never spoken a word much to the sadness of her parents came with them to London to seek help from Vanya.  After one session with Vanya using her own technique and Theta Healing as well the young lady opened her eyes and immediately started talking in Russian and English.  An elderly lady is now able to raise her right arm which had become paralyzed after a stroke.

Television and Publicity

Vanya starred on the Channel One Russian TV Channel in December.  She was invited to Moscow to defend Baba Vanga's reputation as the most famous clairvoyant and healer from the Eastern world.  There had been some recent fake news in the Russian press questioning Vanga's power and predictions.  The Show lasted for over an hour with millions watching and Vanya was required to take some lie detector tests on air which she of course passed with flying colours.  Whilst walking in central Moscow in the snow Vanya was recognised as a celebrity which was unsurprising as she had already appeared on the Andrey Malakhov Show again asking questions about her time spent with Vanga.

In Odessa Vanya was crowned "Best of the Best Clairvoyant in the World" following her success in Kiev with the Bitra Extrasensov TV competition. 

Addictions etc..

Vanya has recently successfully treated individuals with an alcohol dependency.  This is amazing as statistics tell us that there is less than a 10% success rate nationally even after expensive stays in clinics and visits to AA.  One gentleman did lapse back to his drinking but thankfully is back on course again.  Her expertise is also used in helping drugs addicts and those trying to give up smoking.  Vanya has also devised a potion that prevents hair loss in ladies.

Black Magic and Individual Protection

Vanya has lost count of the number of people she has helped remove black magic since she started using her special gifts over 35 years ago in her native Bulgaria.  Now she is fluent in three languages including English and has clients throughout the world.